AO Water Fibre Activated Carbon Filter or P.P 5 Micron Filter
AO Water Fibre Activated Carbon Filter or P.P 5 Micron Filter Filter Cartridge FILTER CARTRIDGE & ACCESSORIES Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supply, Supplier & Wholesaler | Ideallex Sdn Bhd
AO Water Fibre Activated Carbon Filter Replacement Cartridge

  • Meet the Quality requirement of NSF/ANSI STANDARD 042 ''Sanitary safety and function criteria of drinking water machine''
  • Municipal tap water
  • Filter's life span is only 6000 liters or one year whichever come first (If there is blokage, the replacement of filter is necessary)

5 Micron
  • Filter out sediments down to 5 micron and chlorine taste or odour
  • Fibre and carbon materials with longer life span and better filtering effects
  • Remove peculiar smell,heterochromia,compounds in water
  • Filter Longevity 6000L
  • Water-Flowing Speed 3.8L/m

AO Water P.P 5 Micron Filter Replacement Cartridge P- 62

  • National Sanitation Foundation
  • Polypropylene filter can remove sand,mud,rust & etc suspended impurities in water
  • For daily drinking of family utilization only
  • Filter longevity and filtering effect depend on water qualities in different regions.

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