IONCARES ONSOO Hot&Warm Water Purifier
IONCARES ONSOO Hot&Warm Water Purifier Direct Piping WATER DISPENSER Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia Supply, Supplier & Wholesaler | Ideallex Sdn Bhd
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Smart and modern design is perfect addition to your room, office, or hostel. You can mix a hot or cold drink within seconds without delay.
Equipped with high quality water filter system, this dispenser give you a cleaner and healthier water for drinking and everyday usage.
  • 2 Temperature Purified Water  (Hot&Normal)

  • Korea Technology

  • 4 Filtration System (Korea Filters)

  • 1 Years Warranty (Exclude Water Tap)

  • Hot Water Safety Child Lock Function

  • Modern & Compact Design


Tap Dispenser Lever

          Changed the conventional ways of filing up the water.
          Just flip up the dispenser lever to fill up the water and flip it down
          when fullyfilled instead of pushing against the lever.

Safety Child Lock

         A child safety lock on the hot tap adds an extra layer
         of safety to prevent accidents.


    Easy To Operate

         Choose the water selection that you need by pressing
         against the dispenser lever.

4 Stage of Filtration System

Step 1 Sediment Filter
  • Filter Material:Polyethylene
  • Remove suspended solid rust,impurities and other large substances

Step 2 Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Filter Material: Active Carbon
  • Efficiently remove chemicals,toxins,unpleasant flavor and odor which arehard to be biodegradable 

Step 3 UF Membrane Filter
  • Filter Material: Polysulfone
  • Remove general bacteria and coliform but pass minerals to provide beneficial water for human body. And enhance antibacterial function.

Step 4 Post Carbon Filter
  • Filter Material: Active Carbon
  • Increase water purity by removing gas and bad odor which remain in the water


Model Ioncares 
Ioncares 555
Water Tank  Capacity   Hot Water 1.2 Litres
Dimensions 260(W) x 430(L) x 465(H)
Heating Power


Hot Water Supply



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