IDE Ultra Filter UF5036
IDE Ultra Filter UF5036  Outdoor Water Filter System Water Filtration System Johor Bahru JB Malaysia Supply, Supplier & Wholesaler | Ideallex Sdn Bhd
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Supreme IDE Super 1 Ultra Filter Membrane-Model UF5036

  • No chemicals for cleaning,longer life time
  • Prevent bacterial growth up to 6 days ,when not in service
  • Constructed with 3000pcs of High Quality PS Hallow Fibre 0.01 micron
  • High quality food grade laminated PS membrane
  • Short rinse time before use

High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Body

Enhance High Quality Water for Daily Living
IDE Super 1 Ultra Filter Adopted Superior Membrane Technology to provide the cleanest water for whole house with excellent removal of bacteria, viruses, mud and harmful impurities up to 0.01 mircon.

  • Care your skin
  • Safe for bath
  • Rinse fruits & vege
  • More hygiene
  • Brighter & long lasting


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